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Taking Ring Stacking to New Digital Heights

Client Ring Guards

Small Bio

Ring Guards, a Montelongo’s Fine Jewelry Company, was born from the beloved Texas A&M University Aggie Ring tradition and provides a luxurious staple to any class ring! Stunning diamonds, brilliant craftsmanship, and a passion for style come together to create this gorgeous brand.

The Brand + The Need:

Ring Guards needed their brand to reflect the feminine, fun, and luxurious jewelry pieces and shopping experience it provided. BYB helped by creating their brand elements as well as establishing their digital platforms and keeping them top of mind with their target market!

The value we provided

  • Logo Design
  • Brand Element Design
  • Social Media Management
  • Content Strategy & Creation
  • Press
  • Event Marketing
  • Influencer Campaigns
  • Email Campaigns + Mangement
  • CRM


Logo + Brand Element Design

Ring Guards strives to always give their customers the most luxurious shopping experience. They needed branding that reflected this and also included feminine elements that resonated with their target market of college-age women. Their branding is soft and elegant, mirroring their to-die-for luxury jewelry pieces.

Social Media Management + Content Creation + Influencer Campaigns

In order to capture their target audience of college-age women, Ring Guards needed digital platforms that connected to their audience through the use of trending content and on-brand influencers. It was pivotal to utilize their digital platforms to engage with this community of college-age women to create brand loyalty. BYB grew this brand digitally by 1000% over the scope of a year.


Press + Event Marketing

After creating a solid brand for Ring Guards, BYB assisted in the opening of their very first Ring Guards Boutique location! This storefront embodies luxury, elegance, and fun- everything Ring Guards stands for. BYB made sure there was proper media outlet coverage and press opportunities showcasing this opening, as well as all the events that the store hosts with their target market every month.

Email Campaigns + CRM

BYB ensured that Ring Guards was able to stay in touch with their customer base by setting up and managing a CRM software that allowed them to stay top of mind with their Ring Guards Family. BYB services include designing, sending, and managing various on-brand email campaigns to allow their customer base to shop their products and receive all their exclusive and exciting updates.

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