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Taking Ring Stacking to New Digital Heights

Client Jovanna Louis

Small Bio

Jovana Louis needed a production team for NYFW 2022 after opting into a virtual show. She decided to go digital, and needed to do it right. BYB was able to provide press releases, social media content, and assist in the production of the NYFW show.

The Brand + The Need.

After COVID reduced the amount of in-person events that were able to occur in the world, NYFW decided to designers the opportunity to produce their independent shows and submit them to NYFW to be live-streamed during the official shows. With this in mind, Jovana Louis decided to produce a show in an enchanting castle in Homestead, FL that reflected the collection that was being released. This was showcased virtually for NYFW. BYB arranged a production team for the show. BYB was also able to create social media content to be used for behind the scenes purposes by Jovana Louis, the models, and the production team to increase the brand’s reach.

The value we provided

  • Press Management
  • Social Media Management
  • Show Production - Video


Press Management + Press Release Writing

To spread the news of Jovana Louis’ appearance in NYFW, BYB created a press release to be sent to NY to create awareness around the show. From this press release, she not only appealed to her audience, but received the attention of buyers as well.

Social Media Management

Jovana Louis needed bold content that mirrored her bold collection. BYB was there to take it to the next level and create beautifully enticing promotional videos for use on social media. These clips were also used by the models, production team, and Jovana Benoit’s personal page.

NYFW Show Production

BYB brought it’s production team on set to take behind the scenes videos of the production as well as assist in the full show production of Jovana Louis’ NYFW 2022 show. BYB contributed photographers, videographers, and assistant camera men for this project to be completed at the highest possible level.

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